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Thermal Bath Vals

contributi di 56 Ethel Baraona Pohl, 14 Aprile 2009


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Descrizione Thermal Bath Vals:

In 1983 the commune of Vals acquired the bankrupt hotel complex, built in the 1960s, for very little money, but without much enthusiasm. But something had to be done in order to rescue existing jobs. When a larger new building with integrated thermal baths and new guest rooms proved too costly, the authorities opted for the thermal baths as a first step.

We were told it should be something special, unique. It should fit in with Vals and attract new guests. In 1991 the project was presented at a village meeting with a water-filled stone model. Construction started in 1994, and the thermal baths were opened in 1996. Since then, over 40,000 people have visited them every year. Since completion, the overnight stays in the village and in the Hotel Therme have increased by about 45 per cent.

The load-bearing composite structure of the baths consists of solid walls of concrete and thin slabs of Vals gneiss broken and cut to size in the quarry just behind the village. The thermal water which comes from the mountain just behind the baths has a temperature of 30°C.

Photos by Helene Binet
Text: Peter Zumthor
Courtesy of The Pritzker Architecture Prize


Thermal Bath Vals Thermal Bath Vals Thermal Bath Vals Thermal Bath Vals Thermal Bath Vals

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Graubünden, Switzerland

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