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Chesa Futura

contributi di 303 dpr_ barcelona, 10 Aprile 2009


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Descrizione Chesa Futura:


The Chesa Futura apartment building in the Engadin Valley fuses state-of-the-art computer design tools and traditional, indigenous building techniques to create an environmentally sensitive building. Although its form is novel, it utilises timber construction - one of the oldest, most environmentally benign and sustainable forms of building.

In Switzerland, building in timber is particularly appropriate, following indigenous architectural traditions and contributing to a local foresting practice of harvesting older trees to encourage regeneration. Furthermore, timber is a renewable resource, it absorbs carbon dioxide as it is growing and, if local wood is used, little energy is consumed in transporting it. The larch shingles that make up the building’s skin will respond to weather, changing colour over time, and appear as an organic part of the landscape.

Published on the paperless book
Pages 28-30


Chesa Futura Chesa Futura Chesa Futura Chesa Futura Chesa Futura Chesa Futura Chesa Futura Chesa Futura Chesa Futura Chesa Futura Chesa Futura

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St Moritz, Switzerland

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Es maravilloso. Y me ha encantado la animación de Piel-Skin.
commentato da anonimo, 13 Aprile 2009

commentato da anonimo, 23 Luglio 2009

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